What is technical documentation related to TDOL?

When used in a technical context, the term ‘Technical Documentation’ generally refers to any type of documentation used to describe the functionality, architecture and also the handling of a technical product, as well as a particular product that is under development or even currently in use . This specialized form of documentation may include patents (the name given to the exclusive set of rights granted by a sovereign or head of state to a particular inventor or their successor in title in exchange for the disclosure of particular intellectual property, such as an invention).

Other forms of technical documentation include test methods (certain procedures by which the result of a test can be obtained that can be considered as part of a technical operation carried out to determine certain characteristics of a particular product, process or service); Requirements for quality management systems; Item datasheets (lists of components and parts that also summarize their performance and provide sufficient detail on their technical characteristics for them to be used efficiently by a design engineer and integrated into the overall system).

Some technical documentation may also be uploaded online by specialized companies producing technical publications, as well as by larger suppliers of product support services. Such companies and firms are able to provide services called ‘Design Repositories’ (more often than not shortened to the term ‘DRs’) that have been created to provide a secure location for the management and storage of important project data. as well as complex technical documents such as ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) documents and data, Logistics Support Analysis Records (LSAR) and TLMPs (Through Life Management Plans). Design Repositories are designed to provide access to current technical documentation online about the armed forces.

Technical Documents on line (TDOL) are used to support more than 10,000 Army Equipment Support Publications (as well as a significant number for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) so that more than 30,000 technical publications and manuals are available electronically, significantly reducing need for paper manuals and publications.

Companies that have access to the software that TDOL are able to offer a wide range of related services, such as the initial creation of technical documents, making changes to existing manuals and documents. These companies can also upload new and modified manuals and also produce pagination files (printing instructions) and TDOL format .pdf files.