What kind of project management tools should your project management system have?

Truth be told, there are scores of different project management tools out there and no project management software gives you all of them. You may be aware that software applications other than the generic systems are specific to a niche. Very few software or systems would have everything you need unless you get them customized to meet specific requirements of your business or the types of projects you are taking up.

Usually, a project management system should make life easier and simple for you. To do that, there must be a few tools. Without these basic yet effective project management tools, there is no point in using such a system or software in the first place.

Here are some project management tools you need to get in your software.

· Real-time tracking of progress made by each team or individual is an important tool. Depending on the type of project you are working on, it may be a team’s progress or a single person or all team’s progress placed in a tracker. It is a good tool to know when the deadlines are, how much work has been done or how much is waiting to be shown in an instant. You do not need to go into the details and tasks done by any team or individual to know if you are on the right track with the project.

· Having a calendar is a given. Even free organizer software comes with such tools. What your system has to offer you is a calendar that allows you to create events, have notifications, a history to track any changes or changes that have been made, and there should be team calendars that all members of the team can work on . In other words, having a calendar is not enough, but one that has a variety of modern features is desirable.

One of the most important project tools you should have is a tracker or calculator arriving at billable hours or to track the time each team member spends on the project. It may then happen that a particular person is working on several projects. The same can happen to a team. There must be provisions in the software to allow relevant records to calculate effective billable hours or to log the work performed.

· The other project management tools you need are notes that can have an edit history, data and file management such as uploading, downloading and storing files of all formats.