What to Look for in a Retail System Part 1

Finding the right Point of Sale software system for your business can be challenging. This article provides a checklist of features to consider when making your decision. In part one, we will look at points of sale, customer tracking and security features.

Point of sale

This is the heart of a POS system. Does it have an intuitive user interface? Want to be able to train employees quickly? Can you customize the software to your unique needs? Features to look for:

  • Touchscreen support.

  • Customizable menu buttons to access frequently sold items.

  • Customization receipts and invoices.

  • Possibility of email receipts.

  • Ability to create and manage offers, layouts, special orders and work orders.

  • Ability to manage gift registers.

  • Possibility of setting up automatic sales proposals for optional equipment or replacement for out of stock items.

  • Internal gift card / store credit tracking.

  • Ability to import tickets from a remote location, e.g. A fair.

  • Possibility of interface with credit card processing software. Need to switch to a different processor than the one you are currently using?

  • Electronic Signature Recording Support.

  • Support for debit card repayment.

  • Foreign currency support.

  • Ability to calculate and track sales tax for different municipalities, different customer types and different types of inventory.

  • Ability to manage recurring billing (for example, subscriptions).

  • Ability to manage tips and customer tabs

  • Ability to calculate and track commissions and spiffs.

customer Tracking

A great advantage of a point-of-sale program is the ability to track customer information and buying habits. This allows you to do targeted marketing to increase sales. Here are some features to look for:

  • Ability to save customer photos (useful if you have a membership program).

  • Ability to print custom membership cards.

  • Ability to track multiple customer types, such as wholesale, pre-sale, member, etc.

  • Ability to track purchases made by each customer, including serial numbers, warranties and layouts.

  • Ability to create targeted email and / or mailing lists.

  • Ability to send custom email in bulk.

  • Ability to print custom mail labels.

  • Ability to manage receivables

  • Ability to print and / or email accounts available statements.


Your point-of-sale system can help you prevent employee fraud and help you prevent losses. Features to look for:

  • Poor check tracking.

  • Integrated video surveillance.

  • Ability to restrict employee access and rights.

  • Ability to require login for each sale or after a specified period of inactivity.

  • Security tracking log so you know which employee handled a void, price overrun, return, etc.