Why is it so important to modernize a smart data center?

This Smart Data Center approach makes IT more flexible by automating processes and centralizing the control that encompasses systems, clouds and data centers. Smart Data Center is very different from traditional IT management. It automates decision-making, insight, and guidance through predictive analytics, IoT, and prescriptive intelligence. These advanced capabilities centralize the management of the IT infrastructure for both simple and complex operations.

The smart data center facility solution eliminates the inflexible, unpredictable services of conventional data centers, improves ROI and resolves excessive power consumption.

Why is it so important to modernize a data center? With the growing demand for intense data processing, a data center is not only needed to manage the equipment, but also supports a variety of implementation techniques such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, SaaS, PaaS and so on.

Lower costs: hardware is usually the highest price in the data center. Reduce the amount of hardware used and lower your costs. But the costs go far beyond hardware – lack of downtime, easier maintenance, less electricity. Over time, all of this leads to significant cost savings.

Easier backups: Not only can you make full backups of your virtual server, you can also make backups and snapshots of your virtual machines. These virtual machines can be moved from one server to another and redeployed more easily and quickly. Snapshots can be taken all day, making for much more up-to-date data. And because taking a snapshot is even faster than starting a typical server, downtime is drastically reduced.

Faster redeployment: When you use a physical server and it dies, the redeployment time depends on a number of factors: Have you got a backup server ready? Do you have an image of your server? Is the data on your backup server up to date? With virtualization, the realignment can take place in minutes. Virtual machine snapshots can be enabled with just a few clicks. And with virtual backup tools like Veeam, image redeployment is so fast that your end users barely notice there was a problem.

Quirky Servers: I’ve never been a big fan of all-in-one services. You don’t just look at a single point of failure, you have services that compete with resources as well as with each other. Those all-in-ones are bought to save money. With virtualization, you can easily have a cost effective route to separate your email server, your web server, your database server, etc. This allows you to benefit from a much more robust and reliable data center.

Less heat build-up: Millions of dollars have been spent researching and designing heat dissipation and control in the data center. But the cold, hard fact is that all those servers generate heat. The only way to get around that? Use fewer servers. How do you handle that? Virtualization. Virtualize your servers and use less physical hardware. Use less physical hardware and you generate less heat. Generate less heat in your data center and many problems disappear.

Despite the knowledge, a bottleneck remains on the way to smart and scalable data centers. Studies and surveys have shown that most organizations believe that a smart data center can only be realized through software. The potential of hardware efficiency is still unknown. It is the effective and brilliant amalgamation of hardware and software that will help organizations realize their dreams of smart data centers.