Why penetration testing and vulnerability assessment are important

Vulnerability assessment is a process used to detect, identify, and classify security vulnerabilities in computers, websites, networks, information technology systems, and communication systems. Small holes in the network may put the entire system at risk and leak all information. The vulnerability allows third parties and others to access and illegally steal and use the database and information of the entire network system. Vulnerability is a less active process and is analyzed using software tools.

But penetration testing is an active process that requires moral hackers with deep network and hacker knowledge. The main difference between Script Kid and Ethical Hacker is that Script Kid abuses information and databases for personal gain, because Ethical Hacker runs tests to discover and cover up the holes. In penetration testing, a security team was hired. The members of the security team are skilled, experienced and trustworthy. Many of them are certified ethical hackers. They ensure the integrity of the network and are trained to use similar methods implemented by computer hackers to gain unauthorized access to the system. Then, professional experts make the company aware of its weaknesses and what measures can be taken to prevent intrusions and make the data public. Several ethical hacking institutes have recruited experienced and skilled testers to protect your network from security vulnerabilities.

Hiring a certified ethical hacker can protect and defend your network and computers from external attacks. The degree of damage to your business and network system depends entirely on hackers. If the vulnerability is serious, then hackers may cause significant damage to the site. Obtaining access to internal and secret databases may paralyze the website and literally destroy the company. In order to access the network, hackers injected Trojan horse viruses, horses or worms. Therefore, it will slow down your internet speed and may even shut down your website. For business owners, employees, customers and customers, this is a potential loss.

Penetration testing is essential in every aspect. This is an investment, not an expense. Hackers look for loopholes in the network to steal the company’s database. It is common to fraudulently purchase a credit card and then charge the customer ’s account. Therefore, penetration testing is mandatory because it prevents security vulnerabilities in your network. The version of the report released vulnerabilities discovered during testing. If a vulnerability scanner is used, it can successfully identify vulnerabilities in Linux and Windows.


Source by Kylie Taylor