Your fitness success – just a phone call away

Did you jump out of bed this morning, ready to exercise? Or was it another morning when the snooze button won your best intentions? Do you have a crazy morning business plan but promise yourself that you will exercise at the end of the day? How many times have you actually followed that promise?

Most people know that they need to train and many know how to do it but simply cannot be motivated. Many busy people have found their answer in a growing trend in fitness known as phone coaching.

You have probably heard of coaches for different facets of life personal, business, financial, etc. Fitness coaching by phone appeals to the busy person who is trying to balance work, family and personal care and often find their care at the bottom of the list. With our crazy schedules, it’s hard to find time to work out, what so much more, there are two to three appointments a week with a personal trainer at the health club. Fitness coaching over the phone saves you time, frustration and money. With a phone trainer, you have a weekly phone session of 20 to 30 minutes to determine your goals and training schedule for the week. You train on your own whenever and wherever convenient.

Tara, a California phone coaching client liked the convenience and motivation provided by her coaching program: A friend of mine at work suggested phone coaching. I said why not? I should not go anywhere. I could call my coach from work and training by just walking out the front door of my office. Pretty soon, on my trips, I found that my feet wanted to fly over the sidewalk, so I started walking and running, then built up to the place where I would run for 30 minutes. It got addictive – I’m actually looking forward to it!

Fitness coaching over the phone is most valuable as a means of holding people accountable. For many people, e.g. In a gym with expectations of regularly participating and getting fit. It is not that difficult to maintain this commitment at first, but inevitably it will be easier to find excuses not to go, especially when no one is checking you out. Accountability is important!

Researchers at Stanford University have been studying telephone-based training advice for over 20 years. They’ve found astonishing results – after six months of phone coaching, up to 90% of subjects were still training alone. The people who had a coach to guide them and to hold them accountable were more successful and exercised independently and worked with their coach on a daily basis. Telephone.

One of the most important goals of telephone coaching is to teach the participant how to become their own independent coach and motivator. By learning to train on your own, you will be able to create a lifelong habit.

Fitness coaching over the phone is a concept whose time is up. You can find fitness trainers all over the United States. They have helped thousands of clients find motivation to get the results they have always wanted!

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health and fitness and finally reach your goals, phone coaching may be exactly what you are looking for. Your success may just be a phone call away!